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Blue and white Hand embroidered HUNGARIAN lace doilies, serviettes made in Kalocsa table runner set Hand embroidered dining room decor

8 pieces of NEW  Handmade embroidered different shape  table runners or serviettes with authentic Hungarian Kalocsa Richelieu pattern. This is a beautiful Hand made Hungarian Lace, called Richelieu.

  68x25 cm/26,7x9,8 "
55x16 cm/ 21,6x6,2"
48x15 cm/18,8xx5,9"
46x15 cm/ 18,1x5,9"
40x24 cm/ 15,7x9,4 "
2x57x16 cm/ 22,4x6,2"
56x16 cm/ 22x6,2"
Richly embroidered white and blue amazing  floral pattern.
An excellent home decoration, a beautiful and original vintage piece of folk art!
It is the only and unique item.
This type of embroidery is the most time consuming folk art. If you buy it, you buy something unique.
The samples are being drawn on tracing paper, punched with a needle and then placed on a textile. Thereafter a mixture of wax and blue paint (or white paint) is processed into the holes through the paper with a paraffin brush. After the sample is completed, embroidery follows. Every single tablecloth is a unique piece and they are all handmade.  Preserving folk traditions is very important as the Hungarian folklore represents tremendous value.

Material cotton, made with white and blue yarn.
 100% hand embroidery
There are never two identical handmade pieces: the craftswomen  put their soul into creating this piece of art, that's why it's so unique

Perfect gift for yourself if you just like the Hungarian embroidery.

Pre-laundered, starched and ironed.

Please ask any questions before buying.

Color may differ a bit due to natural light used at photos / due to screen quality.

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