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floral embroidery design

floral pattern

Floral handmade embroidery is a special art from Hungary. Hungarian embroidery is colorful and beautiful. People in Kalocsa, a town in Hungary, are famous for this art. A Hungarian blouse often has pretty flowers. An embroidered Hungarian dress is very lovely. Many homes have a Hungarian tablecloth with floral designs. Kalocsa embroidery is very detailed and nice. You can find hand embroidered Hungarian items like clothes and tablecloths. An embroidered tablecloth makes a great gift. Floral embroidery applique adds flowers to things. Hand embroidered items from Hungary are made with care and love. Enjoy the beauty of Hungarian embroidery!

Hungarian embroidered curtains

Hand embroidery curtain

Guess what's blooming at our sale? Embroidered curtains! These curtains are like magic - they've got beautiful flowers stitched all over them by hand. Imagine colorful blooms dancing across your windows! Each curtain is special because it's handmade with love. You can even try making your own with our DIY embroidery kits! We've got patterns for all sorts of flowers - roses, daisies, and more! And if you're into vintage vibes, we've got you covered with our vintage embroidery designs. These curtains aren't just for looks, they're also a cool way to decorate your home! So, swing by our sale and grab some handmade floral needlework home decor. You can even get custom curtains made just for you! Don't miss out on adding a touch of floral embroidery art to your home sweet home. See you at the sale!


Exploring Hungarian Folk Textiles and Designs

Hungarian Folk Textiles

Hey everyone! Let's go on an adventure to explore Hungarian folk textiles and designs. It's like discovering hidden treasures!

First up, let's talk about Hungarian folk skirts. Imagine wearing a skirt with colorful patterns and twirling around like a spinning top! These skirts are special because they're made with love and carry stories from long ago.

Now, let's dive into Hungarian tablecloths. Have you ever seen a Kalocsa lace tablecloth? It's like having a garden on your table! Covered in beautiful flowers and lace, it makes every meal feel like a fancy feast.

But wait, there's more to discover! Hungarian embroidery designs are super intricate and fancy. From light blue embroidered vests to shirts with white Hungarian thread, each piece is a work of art!

And don't forget about traditional blouses and veils! They're like a peek into Hungarian culture and history. Wearing them makes you feel connected to the past.

So, whether you're admiring vintage tablecloths hand embroidered or trying on a Hungarian veil, remember to enjoy the beauty and stories behind these amazing textiles!

Traditional Chinese Dress. Qipao with Hungarian embroidery. Black Cheongsam


Hey, have you ever imagined a really special dress? Picture this: a black Traditional Chinese dress, like a Qipao or a Cheongsam, but with something extra cool – Hungarian traditional embroidery! This isn't just any embroidery, it's all handmade, each stitch carefully crafted. It's like adding magic to an already awesome outfit! Chinese attire is already super elegant, but with the addition of Hungarian embroidery, it becomes extra unique and beautiful. The contrast of the black dress with colorful Hungarian patterns stitched all over makes it stand out in a crowd. It's like wearing a piece of two amazing cultures at the same time! This dress tells a story of tradition and craftsmanship from both China and Hungary. So, if you ever get the chance to wear a dress like this, don't miss it! It's like wearing a piece of history and art all in one stunning outfit.

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