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Embroidered linen tablecloth

Hand embroidered linen tablecloth. Traditional  HUNGARIAN dining luxury unique  tablecloth with floral pattern made in Kalocsa.
Richly embroidered colorful, amazing floral pattern on a black cotton fabric.
An excellent home decoration, a beautiful and original piece of folk art!
It is the only and unique item.
This type of embroidery is the most time consuming folk art. If you buy it, you buy something unique.
Every single tablecloth is a unique piece and they are all handmade.  Preserving folk traditions is very important as the Hungarian folklore represents tremendous value.

Material linen, embroidered with red, purple, green, pink, blue cotton yarn.
 100% hand embroidery+ machine embroidered lace.

Perfect gift for yourself if you just like the Hungarian embroidery.

Size: 100 cm / 39,3"

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