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Traditional Hungarian embroidery tablecloth. Antique folk embroidery. Matyo folk art.

Amazing hand embroidered  piece of art. More than 100 years old unique handmade embroidered home decor. It's a handmade embroidery on a black base cotton fabric tablecloth. 
Matyó embroidery is a traditional style of Hungarian embroidery that originates from the region of Matyóföld, which is located in northeastern Hungary, particularly around the town of Mezőkövesd. Matyó embroidery is known for its vibrant and intricate floral designs, characterized by bold, colorful patterns and meticulous detailing. It is a significant part of Hungary's cultural heritage and has been recognized as an important form of folk art.

A very unique item in your collection. 

The tablecloth embroidery is worn, the thread is missing in some places, but it is still pretty worthy, unique and beautiful piece of a museum value.


57,4/43,3 inches-146/110 cm.

Please ask me any questions before you buy.

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